Do You Offer Custom Wrought Iron and Aluminum Fence and Gates?

Custom Iron Driveway Gate with Oak Castings and Scrollwork
Custom Iron Driveway Gate with Oak Castings and Scrollwork

We absolutely do!

Iron Fence Shop® offers custom at the price of production.  All of our custom jobs are subjected to the same quality-approval processes as our standard product.  Additionally, our custom products carry the same 25 year iron and limited lifetime aluminum warranties.

We will price each custom job individually based on what it is we are customizing.  Once you order, we will do Computer Aided Drawings (CADs) of the custom pieces for your approval to fully ensure that the custom product is going to come out the way you envisioned it.

The only limitations to custom work are your budget and imagination.  Contact us today with your idea or job spec!

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I've been working in the fence industry since 2009 with a wide array of installation, sales and marketing experience. I've had lots of experience with different types of iron and aluminum fence and gate installations. Generally a 'DIY' kind of guy when it comes to a wide array of projects.

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