How Can I See Your Iron or Aluminum Fence in Person Before Ordering?


Our Brochure with the Iron and Aluminum Fence Samples
Our Brochure with the Iron and Aluminum Fence Samples

I get asked this from time to time and can certainly understand wanting to see the fence before making a big purchase.

If we have had a prior customer in your area, we can contact them to seek permission to give their address out.  Part of our privacy policy is that we will not give out any customer information without their direct permission.  We also may have additional customer photos of the style and height you are looking at that are not listed on the site that we can email out.  We are constantly getting new photos from customers.

We also carry sample boxes we can mail out that contain pieces of our Stronghold Iron® and Infinity Aluminum® pieces in both Traditional and Signature grade.  It also comes with our color brochure and additional information on the fence and gate construction.  The piece show the picket and welded finial as they appear on all our pieces and are a great way to get a feel for the materials before ordering.

Sample Iron and Aluminum Fence Box
Our Sample Box

Check out the video we did showing what you typically get from fence companies vs our sample box!

So, feel free to ask!  We want you to feel good with your purchase and not be nervous to pull the trigger.  We know once you see the fence in person, you will not be disappointed!

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