Custom Iron & Aluminum Fences and Driveway Gates – Not Dog or Kitchen Gates

We Love Our 4-Legged Friends, but Don't Make Small Indoor Gates
We Love Our 4-Legged Friends, but Don’t Make Small Indoor Gates

At Iron Fence Shop, our specialty is custom-made perimeter fencing for homes and businesses – both iron and aluminum depending on your taste and needs. We also design and fabricate beautiful driveway estate gates to complete your fence system – including electric
opening systems so you can enter and exit your property without having to leave your car in inclement weather. We’ve been making a name for ourselves for some time now with great designs, worldwide shipping, and surprising affordability given the high-quality nature of our welding and coatings.

From time to time, we receive calls at our office from pet owners who want us to make or sell dog gates or kitchen gates to keep their canines out of certain parts of their homes. While we’re big animals lovers ourselves and even have a big pooch who frequents our office complex with its owner, we don’t make dog gates or kitchen gates at this point in our business. Our Stronghold Iron and Infinity Aluminum fence panels and driveway estate gates look great, last for years and are designed for outdoor use only.  Its not that we wouldn’t love to make them, but the cost of production and shipping is prohibitive with all the competition out there with cheaper plastic interior gates.

If we ever decide to add dog gates or kitchen gates to our product line, you can be sure you’ll find them on our website. In the meantime, we suggest you try Petco or PetSmart, because they DO sell these products to keep your pets safe and out of harm’s way. Thanks for reading!

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