Iron Fence used in a Restaurant Patio Setting

Iron fence used to enclose a future restaurant patio

An upcoming ice-cream and dessert restaurant needed a stylish fence for their new outdoor eating patio. They chose to use our 3ft tall Stronghold Iron fence in Classic style and our Signature/ commercial grade.

3ft Classic style iron fence used to enclose a restaurant patio

Iron fence is stylish and in our Signature grade, it is built to take abuse from the public. It really dresses up the storefront and should be a great place for customers to hang out. Well done!

Does Having a Fence Add Value to Your Home?
Does Having a Fence Add Value to Your Home?

Does a Fence Increase Home Value?

Home improvement projects can be a tricky balancing act of making changes that both please you personally, but also won’t hurt the value of your home when the time comes to sell.  Homeowners add fences for a variety of reasons: privacy, pets, aesthetics, security, etc.  However, will adding that fence to your property hurt or help the resale value of your home?

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