Can I Install Aluminum or Wrought Iron Fence in the Winter?

Aluminum Fence Installed in the Winter
Aluminum Fence Installed in the Winter

I woke up this morning to a surprise… our first Ohio snowfall of the season.  If your a skier like me, then this might be a pleasant surprise, however if you are the other 99% of Ohioians it might not be so pleasant!

One question we get quite a bit this time of year, is if you can install a fence during the winter?  To most customer’s surprise the answer is yes.  The cold weather does not affect a fence installation whatsoever.  In fact spring, with all the rain can be a worse time to do your installation depending where you live.

But what about the frozen ground?  As long as you use a power auger to dig your post holes then it won’t pose a problem.  There aren’t too many of our customer’s nowadays digging post holes by hand anyway, or at least past the first or second hole!

There are only two situations that would prevent you from installing a fence:

1. If there is constant rain and your post holes fill up with water.

2. If there is more than a few inches of snow and you can’t run a string line.

Other than those two scenarios, you can install a fence year round.  Additionally you will probably get a better deal on a fence during the “off” months since most companies are trying to reduce inventory going into winter.

Last but not least, there are not too many other situation where an ornamental fence looks better than in the morning after a fresh new snow.

Enjoy your Veteran’s Day and weekend!

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